Meet the Boys

Teddy is a certified therapy dog, gifted healer, and shares the distinction of being Debby’s business manager. Timmy is the motivator in the household! Highly opinionated and rarely quiet, he does love the chance to help out.

Owl Blink Mystic Painting

Specialty Commission Commissioned to aid in protection and to help the recipients connect with their animal guides. Not for Sale

Celestial Drum Bag

Specialty Commission The perfect bag for the modern shamanic worker! Carry your drum in celestial style! (Or use it as a tote to haul your implements to and from ceremony.) Sold

Energy Healing

  Debby is a Reiki Master, spiritual healer, shamanic practitioner and crystal healer. Contact Debby at to set up a healing session.

Psychic Readings with Debby

Debby uses┬áTarot and Gemstones in her readings to help her connect with Spirit. Readings are $45 for half hour, $80 for an hour. Contact Debby at to set up a reading, or request an appointment through the form below.