Debby is a psychic medium, animal communicator and mystic artisan.   She connects with Spirit through tarot and stone divination to provide direction and guidance, helping you with insight into areas ranging from love to job to spiritual direction.  She also crafts many products to aid you in your spiritual growth.

Debby has always had a special connection with animals.  She has worked as a veterinary technician, dog trainer for therapy dogs, as well as showed dogs over the span of her adult life. Her kinship with our animal brethren led to a deep, spiritual and intuitive understanding. She is able to use this connection to relay messages between our furry companions and their humans with depth, accuracy and clarity.

As a medium, (an afterlife communicator), Debby can connect with our loved ones across the veil of life and death – including our beloved animal friends. She can deliver the messages of hope and love even after your animal companion has passed away.